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Salesforce Saturdays Bay Area started by Swayam Chouksey

The group is dedicated to helping users and developers get started and become expert with Salesforce from all walks of the industry. Calling all San Francisco Bay Area Salesforce admins, developers, users and anyone that wants to learn more about Salesforce!

Looking for a place to collaborate with others or study for a certification? How about some dedicated time to spend on earning your trailhead badges? This meet up is for you.

Started by Swayam Chouksey.

I am very active in Salesforce success community, One day while answering a question one admin from some Non-profit asked me how he can learn Salesforce Development. After of couple of conservation we decided to meet @Starbucks and have discussion about Salesforce Development, the idea of having Salesforce Staruday in Bay Area came to my mind and started Salesforce Saturday

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    Swayam Chouksey

    Organiser, Salesforce Saturdays Bay Area